25 Boxes of UME Therapy Pads at 50% Discount for Party Sales



Anti Aging Facial Pads for Party Sales

If you’re impressed with your UME Hydrogel Therapy experience and you’d like to spread the news to your friends, we’d love to work with you.

All you have to do is gather a few friends and spend an hour or two having a therapy session on us!

How it works

  • We’ll send free samples for you and your friends to try.
  • Let the product do its miracle, and see the change in just one or two hours. Once they experience the magic of our unique collagen hydrogel, they’ll be asking where they can get more.
  • When your friends are ready to nourish their skin with clean moisture and minimize the appearance of wrinkles naturally, they can purchase them from you at a price you choose.
  • To enjoy these benefits, all you have to do is to order 25 boxes of UME Therapy systems at a whopping 50% discount.
  • Each order also comes with an extra 100 therapy pads (worth $600) for your friends to sample before they purchase them from you!

We’re very confident that there is no other product like this in the world yet. Be shocked by the results that natural, organic products can produce, with simple science and common sense.

The Benefits of Using and Purchasing Anti-Aging Facial Pads for Parties

When you purchase our anti-aging facial pads for parties, you are getting a bulk supply of our therapy pads.

With time and age, the natural collagen production in our skin begins to slow down. Once this occurs, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles becomes more visible. With UME skincare products, it is possible to stop aging and turn back the clock!

If you have always wanted a way to improve your skin’s look, our products are here to help. The best part, you can now share it with everyone you know, thanks to our bulk anti-aging facial pads.

We have created a collagen therapy that helps deliver rich moisture in a flawless formula that includes a blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and plant extract. Our collagen will help you erase years off your appearance, giving you the soft, supple skin of your youth back.

Our therapy pads lightly restrict the movement in specific areas of the face like the forehead or laugh lines. The pads help calm the overactive muscles and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.

How You Can Share Youth!

Now that we have made our therapy pads available in bulk, you can share this fantastic product and experience with the world! Our revolutionary anti-aging pads for parties are the perfect way for you to help your friends, relatives, or coworkers solve their skin woes.

Help others experience our unique therapy pads by purchasing one of our anti-aging facial pads pack online. Not only will you be improving your own skin’s appearance and helping those you care about, but you will also open the doors to a new source of income!

Help your friends achieve their natural beauty and get a side income! *

*You can earn up to $1,500 in one 2-hour party sales event. This outcome differs from person to person and is not guaranteed.

*Note that your selling price cannot be higher than our recommended retail price.


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