UME Hydrogel Facial Pads Therapy

With our unique approach, our hydrogel therapy pads are designed to ease facial lines, retain moisture, and also serve as gentle reminders to discourage you from making unflattering facial expressions.

With frequent and persistent use, the appearance of wrinkles will diminish, leaving skin bouncy and soft.

While frequent use is required initially, the frequency can be reduced once the skin is at its optimal and muscle memory guides you to relax your target areas.

Skincare Should Be Easy and Comfortable
We need to take care of our skin with the same diligence that we take care of our teeth, our hair, our hearts and everything else.

Skincare is important, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a burden. Our collagen facial pads are designed to be easy to use, comfortable and if used properly, they should provide you with benefits both in the short term and in the long run.

The Use of Collagen in our Products
The fact that we use collagen in our facial pads is also significant, Our collagen pads are designed to deliver moisture over a long period of time, while maximizing the delivery of the natural hyaluronic serum and plant extracts.

In essence, pads increase the amount of collagen that fortifies and rejuvenates the skin. As you use our collagen pads, you’ll notice the difference as skin feels and looks more plump and bouncy.

Muscle Memory
Like hitting the gym to stay toned, we can train the muscles of the face. Our therapy pads train muscle memory through supporting and engaging with our targeted problem areas.A light compression and restriction of movement has a calming effect like a weighted blanket for the skin. It calms our motion and reminds us of areas of overactivity and strain. This not only relaxes the deep wrinkles that form from frowning and other facial gestures that we habitually make, but also prevents you from making those gestures while you’re using the collagen pads and afterward.

Safe Skincare
Effective skincare doesn’t mean we need to take extreme measures. Nobody wants to admit it but we all know that just like diet and exercise, a natural and dedicated approach gives us the best results. We all know that harsh and harmful chemicals, unnecessary fragrances, and tons of preservatives don’t give us the benefits promised by big chemical companies.

UME offers anti-aging facial pads that are all natural, but that doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing effectiveness when using our collagen facial pads – they work, and they work well..

Our collagen pads offer other advantages over invasive procedures such as Botox or fillers, which if used too often can lead to a person looking unnatural due to an inability to display emotions outwardly. We should be proud of our natural beauty. We don’t believe in hiding from our age and our goal is always to take a meaningful approach to looking our best.

UME Skincare facial collagen pads allow you to share your expressions with the world. Kind eyes, deep laughs, a teasing smile…why would we want to rob ourselves of the most meaningful things in life? Our products help you to be aware of areas that are too active and relax away the tension while softening the skin.

Our goal is to bring all the different areas of your face back into balance by calming overactive areas and training you to be mindful of certain areas while maintaining the natural expressions that make you, you.

As you start to see the benefits from our collagen pads, you can reduce the frequency of use and simply maintain that beautiful, smooth and glowing skin that you’ve rediscovered.

Go ahead and take the leap and start ordering your collagen facial pads online from UME Skincare. Your face will thank you for it!