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Anti-Aging Facial Pad Product Collections

Reduced elasticity in the skin is the leading cause of aging signs like frown lines, laugh lines, under-the-eye skin bags, and dark circles. When our skin is elastic it springs back and doesn’t sag, but when it loosens it looks old and worn. 

The goal of our anti-aging facial pad products is to promote the elasticity in your skin  while reducing the signs of aging lines and wrinkles.

Retraining Your Muscles

UME pads work by training the muscles not to move as much, whereas Botox completely paralyzes the muscles so they are unable to move. With time and dedication, lines will reduce with the use of UME facial pads.

With better hydration, skin that is more supple, and muscles that are trained to avoid expressions that cause facial wrinkles, the appearance of lines and wrinkles will reduce dramatically with daily use. 

Long Term Benefits

After the lines have softened or disappeared, we recommend continuing the use of these pads with less frequency, e.g. once a week, to continue to deliver the benefits of our proprietary collagen hydrogel and natural plant extracts to the skin.

With our balance of hyaluronic acid, which absorbs water at 1000 times its weight, and a rich vegan collagen hydrogel, our facial pads are designed to deliver pure and lasting moisture to your toughest problem areas. 

When paired with our firming hyaluronic acid serum, you’re getting the best hydration, while also reducing dark spots and protecting your skin from further damage.

Forehead Facial Pads

Reducing the appearance of  lines on your forehead is a concern for all of us when it comes to looking our best at any age. We’ve created a new product with our Forehead Facial Pads that uses a unique formula of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and plant extract to tighten that skin and give you a more youthful, radiant appearance. 

Look years younger by moisturizing with these pads that combat the effects of sun damage, natural aging, and repeated facial expressions.

Frown Lines Facial Pads with Serum

No one wants frown lines–no one wants to look like they’re always scowling! These frown lines, also commonly called 11’s, appear as vertical folds between our eyebrows. They are caused by natural aging and repeated facial expressions, but they can be combated with our Frown Lines Facial Pads with Serum. 

These pads use a combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and plant extract, and they help an aging face look years younger. 

Laugh Lines Facial Pads with Serum

There’s nothing wrong with laughing–we encourage it!–but laugh lines refer to the lines that you get around the sides of your mouth in your cheeks, and you don’t want those as a permanent fixture. 

These facial pads with serum are made to tackle those laugh lines and smooth and soften your face, enabling you to only see those laugh lines when your younger, vibrant face is really smiling.

Under Eye Facial Pads with Serum

Tighten up the bags under your eyes and bring a youthful glow to your appearance with our Under Eye Facial Pads with Serum. You don’t need to live with bags under your eyes, giving you a look like you’ve been awake too long or are dragging from a long day’s work. 

Get those cheeks bouncy and tight again with these therapy pads. They’re so convenient you can use them on the go between meetings and soccer games, or at home as part of a restful de-stressing routine.