Fight Aging Naturally with Our Unique Skin Therapy

Skin care in the modern age is no easy task, given the amount of pollutants that our skin is exposed to. Plus aging, poor diets, and exposure to ultraviolet rays emanating from natural sunlight, artificial lights, and electronic gadgets like tablets and smartphones cause further havoc on our skin, reducing its elasticity and shine.

Reduced elasticity is the leading cause of aging signs like frown lines, laugh lines, and dull under-eye skin with bags and dark circles. If any of these signs sound familiar, chances are that you’ve tried a fair share of beauty products to reverse the clock, but to no avail.

These days, the use of invasive procedures and strong chemicals to reverse that proverbial clock is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, these tend to unnaturally alter the way we look – a complete contrast to the natural, youthful appeal that we hoped to achieve with them in the first place!

So it’s time now to turn to nature for a nontoxic anti-aging skin care solution that’s gentle on the skin. UME aims to do just that by minimizing the reliance on invasive procedures and chemicals to reverse the clock! UME’s unique products, which can be ordered online, are designed to help you restore your natural beauty with natural anti-aging ingredients for your skin.

Our easy-to-use, natural anti-aging skin care products, which are available online, are gentle and make daily skin care a breeze. Making your skin plump, firm, and elastic, they help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. By reverting to nature, UME helps you fight the signs of aging naturally.

It’s time for women to take skin care in their own hands, with our natural anti-aging skin care available online!

UME Anti-Aging Serum

The UME anti-aging serum is the best natural serum for aging skin. It’s a rich formula of natural anti-aging ingredients like plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, which is a natural anti-aging serum that the human body produces naturally to maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

Our formula is best used under the UME therapy pads or on its own to protect and refresh skin on a daily basis. The UME anti-aging serum or anti-wrinkle serum can be bought online.


First Impressions

Our Collagen Hydrogel

We believe in collagen. Moisture and clean hydration are the key to keeping your skin glowing. Our unique facial pads lightly restrict movement while delivering collagen (an anti-aging serum) and moisture to your problem areas. As always our products are free of parabens and fragrance and we limit preservatives.


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Anti-Wrinkle Hydrogel Facepads

UME Sample Pack Facial Pads with Serum (16 pieces)

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More Details

My eyes look so awake (after using for 10 minutes first time).

Tiffaney, 30

It feels really light!

Sarah Clarke, 28

My wrinkles decreased significantly after three days.

Mei, 54

Our Philosophy

Our innovative natural anti-aging skin care line is developed to fight the signs of aging naturally.

In pursuit of youth, beauty has left human beings in recent years. Invasive procedures, strong chemicals and frequent painful facials have left us looking like unrecognizable strange creatures.
We want to change that. We want to revert to nature.

We hope that with our research and education, unnatural and invasive procedures leaving human beings paralyzed and looking like non-human beings will be a thing of the past.

We hope to promote the minimal use of chemicals. gentle daily home-based skin care.
We hope that by using research, ancient wisdom and modern common sense, natural beauty will be restored.

Join our mission!

Aging is not about hiding who we really are, nor is it about pretending who we are not. It is about embracing our identity and telling the story through how we look, feel and gesture.

We develop our products so that women all over the world can take charge and take care of themselves responsibly.